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Frustrated by Wrinkles and Hollowing Cheeks and Eyes As You Age?

Regain the Radiant Skin of Youth without Surgery!

Affordable Pricing from $480

  • Smooth out lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth
  • Restore volume to sunken cheeks and eyes
  • Plump out thin lips
  • Fill out depressed scars
  • Tighten and lift sagging cheeks
  • Improve overall facial symmetry
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Anti-aging skin treatments can be efficient and fuss-free!

Call +65 8902 0779 for personalized advice on how you can benefit from facial fillers.

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Why Choose
Cove Aesthetics?

  • Female Doctor Accredited by MOH
  • Over 10 Years’ Experience in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Suitable for the Eyes, Nose, Chin, Cheeks & Lips
  • Non-Surgical Procedures & Minimal Downtime
  • Modern & Personalized Care for Each Patient
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Get Quick Advice From Our Experienced Doctor

Experience Our 4 Steps to Youthful Skin

Detailed Assessment

We will delve into your medical history, examine your facial structure and discuss your goals.

Minimal Pain

Prior to the procedure, the targeted areas will be cleansed and a numbing agent may be applied.

Quick & Personalized Treatment

A customized treatment plan will be made to suit your unique features and needs.

Visible Results & Minimal Downtime

Once injected, the fillers immediately plump up the treated areas, restoring volume.

Mild redness and swelling may be experienced, but are minimal and temporary.

At Cove, we carry a wide range of MOH and FDA-approved fillers that effectively target different parts of the face.

Improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness today—call +65 8902 0779 for more.

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Meet Our Experienced Doctors

Dr Rachel Lim received her medical training at the the National University of Singapore, and has 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine to date.

She is skilled in age-reversing injectables, dermal fillers, laser and light treatments and overall non-surgical rejuvenation of the face and body.

Dr Lim’s passion in this field is evident from the high patient satisfaction rates she has received and the strong reputation she has built up over the years.

Dr Gabriel Tan
Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Gabriel completed medical school and obtained his medical degree from the National University of Singapore. Following which, he spent most of his postgraduate years rotating through oncological postings where he was both awed and humbled by the advances in medicine. 

Competent in a wide range of aesthetic procedures such as lasers, non-surgical skin tightening, B0T0X and filler injections, Dr Gabriel spends most of his time helping his patients journey through ageing gracefully. He takes pride in helping them turn their ageing woes into ageing WOWs — endeavouring to add quality to their lives by subtracting years off their actual ages.

When it comes to facial fillers, Natural, Attractive and Realistic results are key.

Call +65 8902 0779 and let Cove Aesthetics tailor a treatment for you that complements and enhances your features beautifully.

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